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This is a place for me to show off my naughty Original Artwork and Parody/Rule 34 as well as post commissioned work.
I am heavy on Sonic-style porn but often draw other kinds as well!
I love all of your comments & feedback!



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Oh wow, it's been like 2 years since I wrote a journal, mostly because the past couple years, I've been more social on my Twitter & our Discord server!

2 years ago, I met a woman that captivated me from our first chat. SirenSlut. She was so cute, talented & fun to be around with. Months later, I visited US, we met up in real life & I proposed to her. Spending those 2 weeks with her was the best time of my life, and we both want more of that. 

2020 has not been good to us with the virus. My wife experienced a major loss in her life plus other bad events & I did my best to be there for her in these hard times, even when away in person. The virus threw our plans for frequent meetups in the gutter as well. But we held on. We were always on the phone together, we played games & watched movies, made plans, worked & collaborated with art together, slept together on the phone. I love her so much & I miss her.

I am hoping 2021 will ease up on us & I'll be able to see her again very soon!

On the art side of things, I have been working on an established style for my Sonic characters, hope you are enjoying the Sonic models I've been putting out! But I am going to resume working on more complex/full picture scenes again. Also I'll be adding more non-Sonic stuff to my drawing range!

I've been doing work with animation as well, so that's something to be expected more this year!

Finally this year I launched my Patreon which is a little something that helps me get motivated to produce even more art & delve into more experiments like games, comics & posting WIP content with your support!

I just want to thank you for being around all this time, I couldn't have been motivated enough without you all & hope you're enjoying what I've been working on and are eXcited for what is coming!

Hope 2021 found you all well & hope this year is not the trainwreck that was 2020!